photo of the month
from randy kato


Welcome to the first installment of my photo of the month program.

Each month I'll be sending an image - it could be something amazingly beautiful, something funny, something abstract, something anything. It'll be whatever I feel like sharing with you.

When I say 'you' that's what I mean. This is not tied to a blog or web site for all the world to see; I'm sending it to a select group. But feel free to forward it, as a friend of yours step closer to Kevin Bacon. Mmmm.... bacon. If you're not a fan of the pork and consider this spam, go ahead and unsubscribe. I won't mind.

This month's image was taken in the summer of '07. Let me set the scene: a sultry evening in the south of France, belly full of wonderful food eaten with friends al fresco beneath a full moon, blissfullly sipping Pastis. How do you capture that in a photograph? You can't, but there are fragments like this candle-lit shot that 1000 words could never do justice.

It's not such an amazing photo, but it always felt special to me. It wasn't until I meditated on it and put myself back in the moment that I realized why. It's the "Amour" that I was feeling, missing, anticipating. The day after, I was traveling to Italy to be reunited with my love.


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